Merchant Cash Advance – Processing Statements Needed


Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is based off of a business’ monthly credit/debit card sales. We are buying a merchant’s future credit/debit card sales today at a discount. We advance them $X for the right to buy back $Y worth of their future credit/debit card sales. We do this by taking a small % of their future credit/debit card sales going forward until the advance is paid off. We typically pay 74¢ for each future credit/debit card receivable purchased.


We typically will advance up to one months worth of a merchant’s credit card receivables (or roughly 100% of their monthly volume). The amount advanced ultimately is based upon not only the merchant’s credit card sales, but also their overall total sales.


We don’t hamper your business’ growth with an MCA. To protect the merchant’s cash flow, we like to take less than 20% of a merchant’s future credit card sales until we’ve collected the amount of future credit/debit card receivables purchased. And as an additional safeguard to the merchant, we will not take out more than 10% of the business’ total gross sales.


Higher approval rates than traditional finance products. MCA is for you when you can’t get a loan from a bank. There’s no fixed monthly payments since an MCA works with your business’ cash flow and credit card sales. There’s no personal guarantee! 


Alternative Loan – Bank Statements Needed



Main Street Business Loans is a Finance Broker, specialized in offering many commercial loan types from $5,000 to $100,000,000. An Alternative Loan is a product aimed at “Main Street Businesses” that are unable to receive a traditional bank loan. This product is geared towards businesses that typically wouldn’t fit the business-type or criteria for a bank, a business line of credit, or even a simple merchant cash advance.


An Alternative Loan is a short-term loan program based on your business’ total, gross monthly sales volume. It’s similar to a Merchant Cash Advance except it’s based off of deposits to your business’ bank account; otherwise, these two loan products are treated the same when it comes to eligibility, approval or repayment process.


Alternative Loan

Merchant Cash Advance